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Whether you're a window shopper or a die-hard app junkie, we've got an Appcuity subscription plan that's just right for you. The table below summarizes the differences between the Mac App Store, Appcuity Lite, and Appcuity Pro, for more detail see the full Appcuity documentation. (Note: All new Appcuity subscribers receive a free 7 day upgrade to Appcuity Pro, after than, Appcuity Pro subscriptions can be purchased from within Appcuity.)
Mac App Store Appcuity Lite Appcuity Pro
1 Year 2 Years Lifetime
Price Free Free $7.99 $13.99 $21.99
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Update Frequency Continuous Weekly Daily
Loads Entire Catalog into RAM
Track Discounts, Savings & Special Offers
Spreadsheet or Matrix View
    Fields displayable in Spreadsheet/Matrix 4 5 22
    Customizable Field Arrangment
Detail View
    Multiple Detail Views at Once
    Version History
    Price History
    Top 250 Ranking History
    Editable, Searchable Notes
Wish List
    Instant "Live" search (as you type)
    Search descriptions, price, ratings, etc.
    Search Multiple Fields (boolean)
    Include Wish List in Search criteria
    Save Favorite Searches
Sort by Any Field
    Sort by Multiple Fields at Once
    Save Favorite Sorts
One Click to Mac App Store n/a
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