Managing Data & Code Updates

The Mac App Store is constantly changing and growing. Every day there are new apps, new versions and new deals, so each evening, the Appcuity server scans the store and packages all of the daily changes into an updated database. Whenever Appcuity is launched, it immediately checks with the server to see if an updated database is available. If so, the update will be downloaded automatically from the Appcuity server. This happens in the background, so you can start using Appcuity right away. You can tell that the download is happening by looking for a small blinking blue dot in the lower left hand corner of the main window. (Note: Appcuity Lite only checks for new data once per week.)


When the download is complete, Appcuity will ask you to confirm that you want to update the database now.


If you press Later, Appcuity will ask you again in 15 minutes. If you press Update Now, or just wait a few seconds, the database will be updated.

Note: If there is a new version of the Appcuity program itself, that will be automatically downloaded and installed along with the updated store data. Much like a web based app, Appcuity is always up-to-date.

Displaying App Store Statistics

To verify the freshness of the data, open the App Store Statistics window from the Appcuity menu.


The Appcuity server updates it's copy of the store database every evening, California time, so if you have automatic updates enabled this window will usually show yesterday's date.

Automatic Overnight Updates (Appcuity Pro only)

If you leave Appcuity Pro running all the time, it will automatically download and install new store updates in the middle of the night. (The exact time varies to avoid overloading the Appcuity servers.)

To facilitate leaving Appcuity on all the time without getting in the way, open the Preferences dialog (from the Appcuity menu). Check the radio button to Hide instead of Quit when the main window is closed, then close the Preferences dialog. Now you can close the main window while still leaving Appcuity running in the dock. When you want to use Appcuity again, just click on its dock icon.

Manual Updates

If for some reason you don't want Appcuity to update automatically, simply uncheck that option in the Preferences dialog. When this option is unchecked, the only way to get updates is to open the Preferences dialog and press the Update Now button.