Extend Your Pro Subscription by Referring Friends and Associates

For every friend or colleague who installs Appcuity, we'll give you both a bonus month of Appcuity Pro (up to a limit of 2 years)! That's right — refer a dozen new Appcuity users and we'll give you a free year of Appcuity Pro, or two years for two dozen! All you have to do is make your friends and associates use your referrer code when signing up for their Appcuity subscription (either Lite or Pro).

What's your Referrer Code?

To find out your referrer code, choose Appcuity>Subscription to open the Subscription window. The referrer code is in the second section of this window.


The next step is to spread this referrer code along with the Appcuity web site url (http://www.appcuity.com) to all of your friends and associates that use Macintosh computers. You could write the code down or read it over the phone, but normally you'll want to press the Copy button to copy the code into the clipboard. Then you can paste it into blog posts, e-mails, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. — any method you have for spreading the word.

Signing Up With a Referrer Code

When your friend or associate signs up for their Appcuity subscription they can enter your referrer code as part of the signup process.


If the code is entered correctly, your friend or associate will get an immediate extension of their Appcuity Pro trial subscription from 7 to 30 days, and you'll get an extra month added to your Pro subscription. You can check this by opening the Subscription Information window on your computer (Appcuity>Subscription).