This help file is your guide to getting the most out of the Mac App Store with Appcuity.
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    This chapter covers the basics of working with Appcuity, starting with the main window, tool bar, detail window and screen shots.
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    This page covers the operation of the application Detail Windows, including opening the app in the Mac App Store, visiting developer web sites, version and price history panels, and editing searchable notes.
  • This page explains the operation of the search panel, including searching all fields, searching specific fields, searching for multiple criteria, searching within a category, and searching for apps on sale. You'll also learn how to save your favorite searches for later re-use.
  • This page shows how the application list can be sorted by any field or combination of fields, in either normal or reverse (high to low) order. You'll also learn how to save your favorite sort configurations for later re-use.
  • This page explains all of the different fields available in Appcuity, and shows how to modify the arrangement of fields in the main window.
  • As well as helping you find apps in the first place, Appcuity also helps you remember the interesting apps you've already found using the Recent menu and wish list.
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    This page includes tips for using Appcuity to find the best deals in the Mac App Store, how to find apps that have recently gone on sale, and how to review the pricing history of an app.
  • When you right click on a cell in the main window application matrix, a pop-up menu appears. This page explains the options available in this menu, and also shows how to use this menu if you don't have a two button mouse.
  • This page shows how to set up and use your list of favorite categories. This allows you to search for apps within all of your favorite categories with a single click.
  • You can configure what apps are displayed when there is no active search (when you press the Clear Search button), this page shows you how.
  • The Preferences dialog allows you to configure Appcuity for your specific needs.
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    This page explains how Appcuity subscriptions work and why you need a subscription to access daily store updates.
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    This page shows how to use a credit card or PayPal to purchase a new subscription or renew your existing subscription.
  • This page shows how you can extend your Appcuity subscription for free by recommending Appcuity to your friends and associates.
  • This page explains the automatic update system Appcuity uses to update itself with new store data as well as new versions of Appcuity itself.
  • This page explains how to perform common subscription management tasks, including moving your Appcuity subscription to a different computer, using your subscription on multiple computers, and changing the e-mail address and/or password associated with your subscription.