Appcuity Preference Dialog

Choose Appcuity>Preferences to open the Preference dialog.

This dialog is split into six separate sections.
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    Software & Data Updates
    These options manage Appcuity's auto-update system. See Data & Software Updates to learn more.
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    Close Main Window
    This option controls what happens when you close the main Appcuity window. Normally this causes Appcuity to Quit, but you can change this so that Appcuity keeps running in hidden mode (you can always Quit using the Appcuity>Quit command). See Data & Software Updates to learn why you might want to leave Appcuity running in hidden mode overnight.
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    Search Options
    This controls the maximum number of results that can be returned by a search. Increasing this number may cause Appcuity to run slightly slower. See Searching to learn more about searching in general.
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    List Options
    If this option is selected, sponsored apps will always be listed at the top.
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    Favorite Categories
    Use this area to set of your favorite categories (so they can easily be selected as a group). See Favorite Categories to learn more.
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    Default Selection
    This section controls what apps appear when there is no active search. See Empty Search to learn more.