Advanced Topics

This chapter covers more advanced Appcuity features.
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    This page includes tips for using Appcuity to find the best deals in the Mac App Store, how to find apps that have recently gone on sale, and how to review the pricing history of an app.
  • When you right click on a cell in the main window application matrix, a pop-up menu appears. This page explains the options available in this menu, and also shows how to use this menu if you don't have a two button mouse.
  • This page shows how to set up and use your list of favorite categories. This allows you to search for apps within all of your favorite categories with a single click.
  • You can configure what apps are displayed when there is no active search (when you press the Clear Search button), this page shows you how.
  • The Preferences dialog allows you to configure Appcuity for your specific needs.