Empty Search “Results”

When you press the Clear Search button in the Tool Bar, Appcuity resets the search criteria so that you can start a new search from scratch. At that point you might expect Appcuity to display either no apps or all the apps, but instead we set it up to show you what we hope is a more useful default selection.
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    Wish List
    First, the list shows all of the apps in your wishlist.
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    Recently Changed in Favorite Categories
    Second, the lists shows all apps in your favorite categories that have either recently been added to the App Store, recently been updated to a new version, or recently had a price change.
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    Finally the default selection includes any currently sponsored apps. We only allow a limited number of sponsored apps at any one time, so you should only see a handful of these at most. Sponsored apps are displayed with a slightly purple background color.
Empty Search Preferences

The Appcuity>Preferences dialog allows you to customize the apps displayed in the default selection.


Simply check the options you want to include, or pick Empty List if you don't want any apps to show up at all.

Once you close the dialog, your new preference will take effect the next time you press the Clear button in the tool bar