The Pop-Up Context Menu

Right clicking on a cell in the Appcuity main window matrix displays a pop-up menu with commands related to the cell you clicked on.


The exact commands in the pop-up menu will vary slightly depending on what column you click on. For example, if you click on the Company column, you are given the option to select all apps from the same company (as shown above). If you click on the Released column it will give you the option to select all apps released on the same date, clicking on a price gives you the option to see all apps with the same price, etc.

The other commands in this pop-up menu are mostly shortcuts to operations that normally can only be performed in the Detail window, including opening the app in the Mac App Store, opening the company or support web page, and adding or removing the app from your wish list.

The Update App Info command checks with Apple to see if this app has changed since the last time Appcuity scanned the Mac App Store. This allows you to check for last minute price changes, for example.

Using the Pop-Up Menu With a One Button Mouse

You can use this pop-up menu even if you don't have a two button mouse. You can either hold down the Control key while you click on the cell, or you can simply click and hold the mouse. After you hold for one second, the pop-up menu will appear.