Sorting Applications

Appcuity normally displays applications in alphabetical order (by application name), but you can sort apps by any field or combination of fields. To sort by a single field, simply click on the field title and choose Sort Up or Sort Down.


In this example the list will be sorted in ascending order by company.

Sort Down (descending order)

The Sort Down option, which sorts in descending order, is especially handy for sorting prices, discounts and dates.

Sort Down the Released column to see the most recently released apps at the top of the list.

Sort Down the Discount column to see the biggest discounts at the top of the list.

Sort Down the Savings column to see the biggest savings at the top of the list.

Sort Down the PriceDate column to see the applications that most recently had a price change at the top of the list.

Sort Down the Stars column to see the highest rated apps at the top of the list.

Sorting Multiple Columns (Appcuity Pro only)

Use the Sort dialog to sort multiple columns (Appcuity Pro only). To open this dialog, click on the Sort icon and choose Sort. (You can also choose Sort… from the Sort menu.)


The Sort dialog allows you to sort by up to five fields at once.


In addition to sorting multiple fields, this dialog also allows you to sort by fields that are not currently visible (see Fields).

Saving Favorite Sorts (Appcuity Pro only)

Once you've set up a complicated sort you can save it in case you want to use it again later. Start by opening the Sort dialog, which will show the current sort configuration.


Now click on the
Favorite icon and choose Add to Favorite sorts from the pop-up menu.


You'll be asked to give a name to your new favorite.


Your new favorite is now listed in the
Sort menu where it can be accessed at any time.


As you can see, you can easily rename or remove a favorite sort at any time. First select the sort you want to change, then use the
Sort menu again to remove or rename.