The Search Panel

Use the search panel to look for apps with attributes you are interested in (just below the tool palette in the upper left).


By default Appcuity will search every field (even fields that are not currently visible). Just start typing and the search happens live as you type.

Searching a Specific Field

Use the pop-up menu to restrict the search to a specific field.


(Note: If you are using Appcuity Lite, only 5 fields will appear in this menu:
Application, Company, Description, Price and Released (release date). You'll need to upgrade to Appcuity Pro to search any of the other fields.)

The search parameters will adjust depending on which field you selected. Here are some typical examples of the various search operators and operands available for different fields. As you can see, the search operands may change depending on the operator that is selected.


You can experiment with the pop-up menus to see all of the options available.

Multiple Search Criteria (Appcuity Pro only)

Press the + button to add an additional search criteria row. If you are using
Appcuity Pro you can add up to eight search criteria rows (Appcuity Lite only allows only one). Press the - button to remove a row.


Appcuity combines multiple searches by ANDing them together, for example the search above is equivalent to:

Discount ≥ 75% AND Released = Yesterday

Use the pop-up menu at the top of the search panel to change the AND to OR.


Using this option the search will match any application that is at least 75% discounted OR was released today. This is equivalent to:

Discount ≥ 75% OR Released = Yesterday

A third (rarely used) option,
NONE of the following are true, is equivalent to NOR (not or).

Searching Within a Category

When you want to search just within a specific category, choose that category from the pop-up menu in the toolbar. No matter what other search options you select, the results will only contain applications in the specified category.


You can also set up your own custom
favorite categories. Once you do that (see Favorite Categories) you can quickly select the entire group with a single click.

Searching Only Apps on Sale (Appcuity Pro only)

To quickly search apps that are on sale, check the On Sale checkbox. In this example Appcuity will show only 3, 4 or 5 star rated music apps that are currently on sale (at the time this was written there were 38 apps that matched these specifications).


On Sale is the same as choosing Discount Is At Least 1%, but it's faster to simply click on the checkbox.

Saving Favorite Searches (Appcuity Pro only)

Once you've set up a complicated search you can save it in case you want to use it again later. For example, this search selects all music apps that have recently gone on sale and are discounted at least $10.


If you are interested in music you may want to run this search a couple of times a week. To make that easy, save it as a favorite. Start by clicking on the
Searches icon and choosing Add to favorite searches.


You'll be prompted for the name of your new search (don't worry, you can change it later).


Now any time you want to run this search again, simply click on the icon and select it from the menu. (This menu also appears in the menu bar.)


If you want to remove or rename a favorite search, start by selecting it from the
Favorite Search menu to re-run the search (as shown above). Then open the menu again and choose either Remove or Rename from the bottom of the menu.

Clearing a Search

When you're ready to start a new search, press the Clear icon in the tool bar, or press Command-A. This resets the search criteria so you can start over again.

Note: You can use the
Preferences dialog to control what apps get displayed when the search is cleared (see Empty Search to learn more).