The Appcuity Main Window

The primary Appcuity window contains a spreadsheet like matrix of applications, along with tools for searching and arranging the apps.


To perform a quick search simply type into the search panel. (See Searching to learn how to perform more advanced searches.)

Click the Clear brush (in the toolbar) to reset the search panel (see Empty Search to learn about what is displayed when there is no active search).

Click on any column title to sort the matrix by that column (see Sorting).

Detail Windows

Double click any line in the app matrix to display the Detail Window for that app. You can repeat this process as many times as you like to open multiple Detail Windows for multiple apps. This makes it easy to compare apps side-by-side.


To view this app in the Mac App Store (for example to purchase or download it) press the View in Mac App Store button.

To add this app to your wish list, check the Wish List checkbox (upper right corner).

To add your own notes, type into the bottom section of the form. These notes are searchable, so you can easily tag apps to find them later based on your own criteria.

Screenshot Windows

Click on a screenshot thumbnail to see the screenshot full size.


You can click additional thumbnails to open more screenshots in separate windows, or you can click on the left or right edge of a screenshot to cycle thru the screenshots in a single window.