The sharp way to find great Mac apps at great prices
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    Powerful Searching & Sorting
    Appcuity lets you search and rank apps by any combination of fields, including name, company, price, discount, release date, ratings and description. You can even save your favorite search and sort combinations so that you can use them again later. [screenshot]
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    Discount Tracking
    Did you know that every single day, well over a thousand apps are on sale in the Mac App Store? The average discount is generally over 50% and some apps are even temporarily free! Appcuity makes it easy to find what's on sale for big savings! [screenshot]
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    Version, Price & Top 250 History
    Appcuity keeps track of the version, price and ranking history for every app over time, so you can see at a glance not only where an app is now but where it has been in the past. Is this app updated frequently? How often does it go on sale? How high has it been on the top 250 sales and download charts? The answers are only a click away. [screenshot]
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    RAM Based Speed
    Appcuity uses ProVUE's RAM based database engine for lightning fast searching and sorting. The entire Mac App Store catalog is loaded into RAM for instant access. There's never any delay or hiccup for disk or network access.
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    One Click Transfer to Mac App Store
    Once you've found an app you want, one click opens the corresponding page in the Mac App store to purchase and download the app.
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    Customizable Spreadsheet Interface
    The main app list window uses a spreadsheet like interface to make it easy to rapidly scan apps visually. The spreadsheet can display all 22 columns of available app info (including pricing, discounts, ratings, descriptions and more) or you can easily set up your own favorite arrangements. [screenshot]
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    View Multiple Apps at Once
    Each app detail page opens in a separate window, making it easy to compare two or more apps side by side. [screenshot]
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    Wish List & Searchable Notes
    The Appcuity wish list makes it easy to keep track of apps that you are interested in but aren't ready to buy. You can also add your own searchable notes to any application, and the Recent menu lets you jump back to any app you have recently looked at. [screenshot]
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    Access App Information Offline
    Appcuity lets you search for and view app information even if you don't currently have an internet connection.
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    Lite and Pro Versions
    All the benefits of Appcuity are available for just pennies per day, and you can earn free subscription credits by referring your friends and colleagues.
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    Full Documentation
    Appcuity includes complete documentation available in the app or on the web. [Open Documentation]