The sharp way to find great Mac apps at great prices
Do you love the Mac App Store's fantastic selection of apps but find it frustrating for zeroing in on the apps you really need? Have you ever wished the Mac App Store had better searching, or a wish list to remember apps you are interested in without immediately purchasing them? Would you like to open multiple apps at once and compare them side by side, or quickly find apps that are on sale? Now you can do all that and more with Appcuity, the shopping assistant program that works in concert with the Mac App Store to revolutionize the entire app selection process from search to installation. Learn more about this breakthrough product.
Mac App Store Snapshot
Date:  Feb 19, 2014
Applications:  10,822
Companies:  3,872
Released Today:  0
Price Change Today:  0
Discounted Today:  2,802 (26%)
Total Discount Available:  $20,568
Average Discount:  55%
Free Applications:  1,983 (18%)
$1 Applications:  1,567 (14%)
$2-$5 Applications:  3,534 (33%)
$6-$10 Applications:  1,699 (16%)
$11-$50 Applications:  1,753 (16%)
$51-$100 Applications:  188 (2%)
Over $100 Applications:  98 (1%)
Buy Everything:  $114,183

(Snapshot updated daily)